In this step, you will:

  • Confirm your class roster
  • Help students login 
  • Model the correct use of Footsteps2Brilliance for your students (promotes fidelity use in centers and at home).

1. Confirm Your Class Roster in Footsteps2Brilliance

To view your class, log in to, and go to CLASS MANAGEMENT. Prepare Student Login Instructions by Printing Student Login Cards (Super Secret Code Cards) - If students are using Classlink, Clever, or Google to login, you will not need to print these cards for classroom use.

Need to add or remove a student from your roster?* 

How do I add a student to my class?

How do I remove a student from my class?

*Note: if your district or school is using a nightly upload that adds or removes students, your updates  may be overwritten by the import. Check with your administration for more details.

2. Help Students Login 

  • Demonstrate in whole-group how students will login on their classroom and home devices.
  • Supervise student log-in during center time until students are comfortable with logging in.
  • Footsteps2Brilliance allows students to log in using their:

*Note: Don't feel like you are the expert? We've created student tutorial videos in English and Spanish that you can play for your students in class and share with families: 

3. Pro-Tip: Model Footsteps2Brilliance for Students

  • Modeling in whole group will improve student use and data.
  • Break-up modeling sessions and give students time to practice in between sessions.
  • Give special attention to the digital writing tools and share your expectations for grade-level writing when completing writing activities.
  • Use the I Do, We Do, You Do strategy.
  • Don't feel like you are the expert? No worries! We've created student tutorial videos in English and Spanish that you can play in class and share with families:

I Do

Use an interactive whiteboard or projector to read books, write or edit class books, and play games together. Model how to navigate and model expected learning behaviors.

For additional ideas, see Lesson Plans.

We Do

Have students work in small groups or pairs to read books, write books, and play games together. Monitor groups and guide behaviors.

For additional ideas, see Lesson Plans

You Do

Invite students to use the program independently in your classroom and/or at home only after you have demonstrated expected learning behaviors.

Footsteps2Brilliance is designed to enrich your teaching by providing students with

  • multi-sensory interactive practice

  • immediate feedback

  • language support

  • unlimited repetition to achieve mastery

Every Footsteps2Brilliance activity is a formative assessment that provides you with data to make informed decisions for ongoing instruction.

Next Up: Promote Home Use of Footsteps2Brilliance

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