Start Date and End Date are an important part of your assignments. With these fields, you can control when students see your assignments and what order assignments are displayed.

Students will see your assignment on the Start Date that you set for the assignment. The assignment will continue to be displayed until the End Date you set for the assignment. 

We generally recommend that you set Start and End Dates within a week. This will keep the assignment list short, so that students are not overwhelmed. 

Keep in mind: if 30 assignments have the same End Date, then students will see all 30 assignments in a list until that date.

When students log in, they see all of the assignments for the current week. Assigned tasks are displayed in order based on End Date, with the earliest End Date at the top of the list and the latest End Date at the bottom of the list.

Students can click the white arrow next to "This Week" to view assignments with past End Dates.