You can delete assignments in the Class Assignment Gradebook in Report Dashboards.

You can delete any student assignment that has NO student progress. Once any student has spent time on your assignment, it can no longer be deleted. You can, however, edit the assignment to remove it for students who have not accessed it.

If you just completed creating an assignment and you want to delete it, click View Class Assignments on the success popover.

The Class Assignment Gradebook will open. 

Click the pencil next to the assignment name and click Delete.

(Note: if your assignment is not displayed, check the dates on "Showing Assignments For ..." to ensure you are looking at the correct week.)

If the Delete button is disabled, you may have students who have started working on the assignment. You will need to Edit the assignment in order to remove it for students who have not started it. Click here to learn how to edit assignments.

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