You can monitor your students' progress on assignments in real time. It's easy to find reports:

Navigate to the Assignment Gradebook 

From the homepage, click on Report Quick Links -> Assignments:

Select the Date

By default, you will only see assignments for the current week. To change the date range, click on Showing Assignments for link and select a week or "All Weeks."

Review Details

Click any cell in the gradebook to review student details.

Assignment Summary in the Assignment Gradebook

Assignment Summary for Each Student:

Score: the student's average performance on the activities attempted.

Progress Bar: the student's current status on each task in the assignment. Tasks are coded by color:

Book Icon: indicates whether the student has created a book or a drawing as part of the assignment. A blue icon indicates there is at least one book for you to review.

Compare Student Scores on an Assignment

You can also click the Assignment Label (column header) to see a gradebook for that assignment. This will enable you to see how all of your students scored on the activities within an assignment.

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