*IMPORTANT NOTE: you will need Admin Tools access to complete this task. If you would like to request access to Admin Tools, contact support@footsteps2brilliance.com.

You can add a new teacher to your district by clicking on the four blue squares next to Home in the upper left corner of your home screen: 

Next you will click on Admin Tools  found at the bottom of the drop down menu:


Select Add New User:

Then select Add Teacher:

You will need to enter all of the teachers information, required fields will be marked with an asterisk: 

To create a Lead Classroom Teacher 

Click the Add to new class button, select the school and the grade level from the drop-down menus. The remainder of the information will populate based on your district settings. 

To create an Assistant Classroom Teacher

Click  the Add to existing class button. Select the school and and class that you would like to add the teacher to. 

Once all of the information has been entered, select Create, and a new teacher account will be created. A welcome letter with login credentials will be sent to the new teacher.