Sometimes, parents will create a duplicate account for a student that is already in your system. If you are aware that a student has two Super Secret Codes or you discover a Community User student that has a student account, you can easily merge the two accounts. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE: you will need Admin Tools access to complete this task. If you would like to request access to Admin Tools, contact

1. Click on the four blue squares next to Home in the upper left corner of your home screen: 

2. Then select  Admin Tools:  

3. Select Advanced from the Admin Tools:

4. Enter the students information:

5. Click the checkbox next to  the two accounts that you would like to merge and select Merge Student Accounts:

6. Make sure that you select the Name and Student ID that the system should keep with the final student account:

7. Select the Super Secret Code for the final student account. Refer to the student's games and activities to determine which Super Secret Code the student has used more recently.

8. Click the checkbox to select which classes the student's data should appear in. You will need to select the current class as well as archived classes from previous years. Then click Merge Students:

9. You will be asked to confirm that you would like to merge the student accounts. To confirm select OK:

10. You now see a confirmation that the accounts have been merged. Click OK:

The student's account will now appear in the active class you selected. However, it may take a few hours for all of the student's merged usage to appear correctly on reports.