Starting with version 11, the Footsteps2Brilliance and Clever Kids University apps allow users to play immediately without requiring them to download content.

The apps still support full access to play with all curriculum offline. If you have already downloaded the content to your device you are all set. 

Click here for a video walkthrough about preparing your Footsteps2Brilliance apps for offline play.

To prepare a new device for offline play:

Tap the toggle button to Enable downloading for offline play:

Tap Download Level:

Please note:  When you enable downloading, the content that has not been downloaded will display in black and white with a green down arrow.

Wait for the level to download:

Please be sure to verify that the level is completely downloaded:

  • All weeks should appear in full color.

  • The Download Level button should now be grayed out.

Repeat the steps above for each level that you would like to download.

To confirm that the levels have been downloaded, turn off your Wi-Fi connection and verify that every week is full color. 

You will also see the message "You are playing offline" in the top ribbon. 

An indicator on the Login screen will display your online or offline status. 

As you play offline, this indicator will track the number of usage reports saved on the device.

When you connect to Wi-Fi, your usage reports will automatically update. Be sure to clear all messages from this indicator before taking the device offline again.

Please reach out to: with any questions.