When completely downloaded (including all three levels of books and games in the program), Footsteps2Brilliance uses approximately 7.8 GB of space on your device. However, you can opt to download individual levels or even individual games or book series. At any time, you can also manage the size of the App by removing levels, books, or games, as well.

If there are space issues, specific content can be deleted. Students are unable to delete content. You must be logged into the app as a teacher, administrator or a parent in order to delete content.

To delete content, first log in as a teacher, administrator, or a parent.

Next, turn the delete button to “on” and select the content that you want to delete:

You will be asked to confirm that you would like to delete the content, click Delete:

The deleted content will remain visible but grayed out on the device:

To reinstall the content, touch the green install button on each book or game, or the Download Level button:

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