You can play on Footsteps2Brilliance anytime without a Wi Fi connection; however, devices must connect to Wi Fi in order to share progress. When you work on Footsteps2Brilliance and you are not connected to Wi Fi, your progress is saved on your device. As soon as you connect to Wi Fi, your progress is reported to Footsteps2Brilliance so that you can see your progress on any device.

Footsteps2Brilliance is uniquely designed to make a smooth transition between online and offline play. The Login Screen includes the following tools to help evaluate whether progress is fully reported:

  1. An Online/Offline indicator confirms whether you are connected to Wi Fi; and 
  2. A "Reports to be uploaded" counter  indicates whether there is progress saved to your device that has not been reported to Footsteps2Brilliance.

Tip: We recommend that you connect to Wi Fi at least twice each month to report your progress.