Footsteps2Brilliance can set up district- or school-wide assignments for one or many grade levels or even for individual classes. These playlist assignments are created in collaboration with the support team at Footsteps2Brilliance. A playlist assignment can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Automatically assigning an alignment to the school's core reading program for all students
  • Directing all students to specific books or games for a reading or writing challenge during a school break
  • Supporting summer school

Contact to set up a new playlist for your school or district.

How do students complete playlist assignments?

For students, playlist assignments are essentially the same as any other assignment. To review assignments, visit: How do students complete assignments and earn trophies?

Playlist assignments are presented for students as "my F2B path." Any teacher-created assignments will come before playlist assignments.

Do I need to update assignments for new students?

Students who move into a class will automatically see the playlist assignments for that class. 

How do I monitor student progress on playlist assignments?

Playlist assignments are included in the Assignment Gradebook. To review this feature, visit: How do I monitor progress on assignments? Note that playlist assignments appear in their own tab on the Assignment Gradebook:

Can teachers edit or opt out of playlist assignments?

Teachers cannot edit playlist assignments. However, districts and schools can specify exactly which classes and teachers will be participating in a playlist assignment before the assignment is set up. If you have questions about opting out of a playlist assignment, contact