Where will students see the assignments I create?

When you create an assignment, the student will see that assignment before they can play freely after they log in on any of the Footsteps2Brilliance programs:

  • Footsteps2Brilliance School Edition
  • Clever Kids U: Pre-Reader
  • Clever Kids U: I Can Read

IMPORTANT: assignments require an internet connection. If the device is offline, students can play and learn freely on the program.

Can students exit assignments before they are complete?

Students must complete assignments before they can play freely in the app. However, any teacher or parent can enter their credentials to unlock the app for that students on that device for that calendar day.


What is required to complete an assignment?

Each time that a student completes an assigned task, they earn a trophy. Different activities have different completion criteria. 


  • For games with a score: Students must get 80% or higher to receive a trophy.
  • For games with no score (exposure activities): Students must get to the end of the game to receive a trophy.
  • For games that open with a starting map: Students must complete at least one location on the map to receive a trophy.

(Note: The map will open to the student's current status on the game. For example, if the student has completed 2 castles, then the assignment will open with 2 castles already completed.)

  • For books: students must view every page of a book to receive a trophy.
  • For student writing (Doodle Pad, Create-a-Book, or My Journal): students receive a trophy after they complete and review their work.

Please note that the trophy count resets at the beginning of each school year.

Where do students see their trophies?


Students can review their trophies by clicking the trophy counter. 

Need more help? Email us at support@footsteps2brilliance.com