Administrators can download a CSV of  Footsteps2Brilliance student usage data from the Leaderboards in Report Dashboards.

  1. Log in as a school or district administrator.
  2. Click Report Dashboards.
  3. Under "Quick Links," click Top Students.
    • You can also find this report under Leaderboard > Students.
  4. The report graph displays the top 20 students. Scroll down to the table view. 
  5. Click Export CSV at the top right corner of the table.

CSV Fields

The CSV includes the following fields:

  • StudentID
  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Class Name (student's current enrollment)
  • Class Grade (student's current enrollment)
  • School Name (student's current enrollment)
  • Total Minutes
  • Total Words Read
  • Total Books Read
  • Total Games Played
  • Total Books Written

Date Range

For a school, the report defaults to the current school year. 

For a district, the report defaults to the start of the implementation through current date.

Use the Date Range filter to narrow the report as needed.

Additional Filters

By default, the Leaderboard includes all students with program usage during the date range. Click Additional Filters to narrow the report and/or report additional fields:

  • Remove students who are not actively enrolled in a class
  • Select one or many grade levels
  • Report time and metrics on individual programs
  • Select one or many schools

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