Footsteps2Brilliance monitors student proficiency with skills as they work on the program. You can use this information to support your. RtI (Response to Intervention) or MTSS (Multi-tiered Support System) models. The following reports provide important insight and easy ways to take immediate action.

IMPORTANT: The more students use the curriculum and complete assignments, the more accurate the student proficiency data becomes. Use the Attendance and Usage Summary reports to monitor whether students are using the program at least 15 minutes per day, 3-5 days per week.

Flexible Groups Report

The flexible groups report enables you to use Footsteps2Brilliance proficiency data to inform the way that you group students for small group activities and pull-out support. You can explore the reading domains, subdomains, and skills to identify which students are proficient and which students need more support.

You can find this report in:

Report Dashboards > Class Dashboards > Proficiency (groups) > Flexible Groups tab

Area of Difficulty Report and Assignments

The Area of Difficulty Report enables you to quickly focus on skills where students are showing difficulty. You can use this information to inform your classroom instruction, or click the assign button to quickly provide students with extra practice the next time they log into Footsteps2Brilliance.

You can find this report in:

Report Dashboards > Class Dashboard > Proficiency (groups) > Areas of Difficulty tab

Writing Portfolios

Students have the opportunity to write and draw in Footsteps2Brilliance. Each Clever Kids University unit includes at least one opportunity for students to apply their developing phonics skill to a writing prompt. Other activities have students writing and tracing words. Similarly, assignable lessons for grades 1, 2, and 3 often include writing opportunities. Student writing and drawing is automatically saved into their Writing Portfolio. This is a wonderful authentic assessment of student skills.

You can find this report in:

Report Dashboard > Class Dashboard > Activity Log > Writing

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