In this step, you will:

  • Get the app on your tablets or bookmark on your computers
  • Log in 
  • Download books, songs, and games

1. Determine which app you will begin with

Use the following chart to help to determine which apps will best serve your students. For more a detailed overview of each app, check out this article: Which app should I use for my classroom?


Who should use this app?

Scope and Sequence
Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader

This program solidifies letter recognition, print awareness, and other critical readiness skills. 

PreK/ TK 

Kindergarten (beginning of year)

Scope and Sequence
Clever Kids University: I Can Read

This program provides a systematic and explicit phonics curriculum.

Kindergarten (mid-year)

1st Grade 

Library Overview
Footsteps2Brilliance School Edition - Yellow and Blue Levels

This program provides the extra practice and activities your students need to master grade-level standards.

2nd Grade 

3rd Grade 

Footsteps2Brilliance School Edition - 
Red Level only

This program provides interactive songs, nursery rhymes, books and activities to support cognitive and language development.

Infant/ Toddler - Red Level Books only

2. Download the apps OR bookmark*

Footsteps2Brilliance will need to be set up on your classroom devices. The apps  can be used on any smartphone, tablet, computer, or interactive whiteboard. Click the button below to get the app on your preferred device.*


  • Your district or school may be setting up your classroom devices. Check with your administrators for more information. 
  • This step does not apply to classrooms using Chromebooks or accessing Footsteps2Brilliance on a web browser. 

3. Log in 

Open the app or go to

Click Log in with Username and Password.  

Where do I find my username and password?


4. Download books and games*

If you are using a tablet, you will need to download the books, songs and games that you want to use.  Learn more about downloading here

*Note: You can skip this step if you will be using Footsteps2Brilliance on a web browser at

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