Each lesson in Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader builds upon and reviews skills from previous weeks and lessons, offering a highly effective spiraling curriculum. Recognizing that children learn at varying rates and in various ways, Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader provides an environment where children can direct their own learning. Coins and celebration of mastery motivate children to progress into more challenging content. However, children can also choose to deeply explore the books, puzzles, and games they mastered previously. 


Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader supports classroom instruction. Sometimes Clever Kids University will review a concept that was introduced in the classroom. Sometimes, it will introduce a concept that teachers are yet to teach. Clever Kids University becomes an opportunity for personalized learning where children can work at their own pace with immediate feedback and opportunities for repetition and review.


For a complete scope and sequence, go to: http://myf2b.com/link/ckuredss