Footsteps2Brilliance offers a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to encourage children to explore books, games, and writing activities that appeal to them. Because each Footsteps2Brilliance book and game includes a variety of scaffolding designed to enable success at any reading level, Footsteps2Brilliance engages children in active discovery and develops a child’s learning independence. While children are encouraged to explore all levels of the program, the following guide is provided as a rule of thumb. 

Level Red is ideally suited for pre-readers and beginning readers.Level Yellow is ideally suited for developing readers and writers.

Level Blue is ideally suited for independent readers and writers.

Each level is organized into three shelves:

My Library presents children with extensive libraries of interactive ebooks that include a book, comprehension games, thematic literacy and skill games, and a writing experience where children create their own version of the story.My Games offer children a variety of fun games that develop mastery of reading and language skills.My Writing presents a child-friendly publishing tool where children can create and share an unlimited number of stories, journals, and reports. My Writing also offers opportunities to develop writing and analytical skills through Project Based Learning.

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