You can access Footsteps2Brilliance on any computer, smartphone or mobile device.

On a computer:

On a web browser, go to:

On a mobile device:

Go to the app store on your device, search for Footsteps2Brilliance and install the free Footsteps2Brilliance Enterprise App.

Get Footsteps2Brilliance in Apple® App Store

Get Footsteps2Brilliance in Google® Play

Get Footsteps2Brilliance in Amazon® Apps

Get Footsteps2Brilliance in Microsoft® Apps

When you open the app, choose how you will log in:

Teachers and Parents log in using a username and password:

Children log in using their Super Secret Code or Student ID:

On a mobile device, you will also need to download the books and games you want to play. For recommendations on what to download first, see this article.

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