In this step, you will:

  • Confirm your class roster 
  • Decide how your students will log in 

1. Review your class roster

In Footsteps2Brilliance, your class is set up by an administrator. You need to confirm that your class roster is correct. If your class roster is not correct, please reach out to your administrator.

  1. To view your class, go to
  2. Log in.
  3. Click Class Management. 

2. Add or remove students* 

Adding or removing students from your class list is easy. 

*Note: if your district or school is using a nightly upload that adds or removes students, your updates  may be overwritten by the import. Check with your administration for more details.

3. Help your students to log in

Once your students are set up in Footsteps2Brilliance, they can log in using the method that is most comfortable for them. Footsteps2Brilliance allows students to log in using their:

Next Up: Create your classroom routine

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