In this step, you will:

  • Access the family communication toolkit
  • Prepare customized letters to send home
  • Receive PRO-TIPS for keeping families engaged

An EASY WAY to get your students using Footsteps2Brilliance is to promote home use of the program. Children that read at home 15-20 mins a day do better in school. With Footsteps2Brilliance EVERY family has access to a digital home library of 1,000's of books, skill building games, and writing activities. The best part is that YOU, as the teacher, will have real-time data on student activity and performance on Footsteps2Brilliance!

1. Family Communication Toolkit

Use these resources in your class and in your communications with families to promote the use of Footsteps2Brilliance at home:

  • Student Tutorial Videos in English and Spanish - use these to demonstrate in class and to send to families to learn how to use the programs effectively.

2. Prepare Parent/Caregiver Letters in English or Spanish 

  • Footsteps2Brilliance has out-of-the-box parent letters that are customized to each student and family in English and Spanish. Learn how to print them here. 

3. PRO-TIPS: Keeping Families Engaged

  • Include Footsteps2Brilliance on nightly reading logs
  • Create frequent reading challenges and CELEBRATE!
  • Send frequent reminders in newsletters, emails, texts, and other class communications

Next Up: Monitor your class usage

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