For teachers who wish to align engaging online activities to their units of study for whole-group, small-group, or individual practice, we strongly recommend using Footsteps2Brilliance School Edition. The open-ended library in Footsteps2Brilliance School Edition offers quick access to thousands of books, games and writing activities for students in Pre-K through grade 3. As an example, the following activities provide engaging support for emergent phonics:


  • Mega Mouth Decoder books, songbooks, and games – teach letter-sound correspondences for all 44 sounds in the English language
  • Letters and Sounds game series – Red Level
    1. See It, Catch It 1 and 2 – Capital and lowercase letter recognition
    2. Funny Phonics 1 and 2 – Capital and lowercase letter sounds
    3. Classy Classification – Identify initial sound 
    4. Rhyme Slime – Identify words that rhyme
  • Word Work – Red Level
    1. Word Wall 1 – practice blending, segmenting, and letter-sound correspondences while building CVC words
  • Better Big Letters – Trace capital letter 
  • Better little Letters – Trace lowercase letter 
  • Doodle Pad – Support handwriting and creativity on a digital whiteboard