We strongly recommend that students complete Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader in the pre-designed sequence. Weekly units integrate letter recognition, phonemic awareness, math, science, and social-emotional skills. Each lesson in Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader builds upon and reviews skills from previous weeks and lessons. For example, the weekly math sequence is carefully designed to help children develop increasingly challenging math skills. In the first weeks, children are making and counting groups up to 5. In the final weeks, they are identifying numbers up to 20. 

On a case-by-case basis, we are able to “unlock” the sequence for students within a class, school, or district. While this is something we can do, it is important to understand:


  • Once the sequence is unlocked, it cannot be re-locked. 


  • Students will be able to navigate to any unit, any day, and any game every time they log in. Therefore, the responsibility will lie with the teacher to ensure students complete the desired activities and receive adequate supervision and oversight when using the app. 


  • While district, school, and class reports will correctly track the percent of activities that students complete, individual student reports display which unit the student is actively working on—and this may not be accurate. It may not be evident what the student should work on next.