*IMPORTANT NOTE: you will need Admin Tools access to complete this task. If you would like to request access to Admin Tools, contact support@footsteps2brilliance.com.

You can add a class by clicking on the four blue squares next to Home in the upper left corner of your home screen: 

Next you will click on Admin Tools  found at the bottom of the drop down menu:


Search for the teacher user who will be Lead Teacher for the class you want to create. Note: click Advanced next to the Search box in order to refine your search.

Click the Edit button on the far right of the row with the teacher's information to edit that teacher's profile.

Under the section labeled Schools and Classes, select the correct school and then select Add to new class.

Configure the fields correctly:

  • Name class after teacher: unselecting this box will allow you to set up a custom name for the class. Otherwise, the class will be named after the teacher.
  • Grade: select the grade level for the class. 
  • Suffix: append additional labels to the class name. (For example, you may want the class to be "Jane Smith's PM class." Entering PM here will add this suffix to the class name.)
  • Semester Info: this text field is appended to the class name (For example: Jane Smith's PM class (2017-18 school year, Pre-K))
  • Start and End Dates: these dates determine when usage will be assigned to this class. 

Click Add.

Do NOT forget to click Save on the teacher's profile to finish setting up the class!