Your parent registration web site can be customized to highlight your district's unique initiative.  Specifications for the following 3 customizable elements are detailed below.

  1. Welcome Banner (we will need a large and small format for web and mobile vieiwing respectively)
  2. Welcome Video
  3. Partner Logos

Customizing the Welcome Screen:


1A: Large Welcome Banner
Consider using this space to highlight partnerships, challenges, events or key messages to your parents. Note that there is one graphic whether users toggle to English or Spanish. If you choose not to customize, the default image above is displayed.

File Formats: png, jpg, or jpeg

Optimal Size: 2048x1624 (note that the graphic will be scaled depending on the browser resolution.)

2: Welcome Video: 

Consider having your superintendent create a brief welcome video for parents. The video is embedded from any video hosting service, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

You will need to provide a link to the desired video. Our team can pull the correct embed code.

If you choose not to customize, the following default video is displayed:

Customizing the Welcome Screen on a Mobile Device


1B: Small Welcome Banner

Because the parent registration experience is optimized for mobile devices, you will need a small version of your Welcome Banner to display when parents visit the site on a smartphone or mobile device.

File Formats: png, jpg, or jpeg

Optimal Size: 2048x959 

Customizing Logos on the Registration Form:


 3: Partner Logos

After the Welcome Screen, every subsequent page in the registration experience can include an optional footer with the logos of organizations that are supporting your initiative. There is no limit to the number of logos that can be uploaded for the registration page. Note if no logos are provided, the footer is hidden (i.e., the purple background continues down the page.)

Each logo needs to be provided as a separate graphic.

File Formats: png, jpg, or jpeg

Optimal Size: 100x100

*Note: always choose square or stacked logos if the option is available.