Any user with access to a student’s dashboard can create an assignment for that student. 

The following users are able to create assignments for students:

  • District Administrator/ Superintendent 

  • School Administrator/ School Principal

  • Teacher

To create an assignment:

1. Click on the Create Assignment button on the home screen:

Or the Create New button once you are in the program:

2. Search for the curriculum that you would like to assign.  You can filter by domain, grade level and language.

3. Search results will include activities and lessons:

4. Click the Assign button on the row for the activity or the lesson you want to assign:

5. Choose a class:

  *If you have classes in multiple schools, you will need to select the school and then the class.

6.  Select one or more students in the class. Click Next:

7. To create the assignment, set up:

  • Assignment label: this is what will appear on Dashboard reports. 
  • Student directions: use this space to provide directions to your students. They will see this on the task.
  • Start date: this is the first day that students will see the assignment.
  • Due date: this is displayed on the assignment for the student.
  • Click Assign.

8. After you see this screen, students will be see the assignment on the start date.

Student Experience

When the student logs in, they will click on the To Do button to see their new assignment:

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