New in Feb 2021: You can now share links to books and games with students. When your students use those books and games, their progress is reported under “Assignments” in Report Dashboards. 

When do assignments show up in report dashboards?

Assignment time and scores are reported whenever students open an assignment link. Students do not need to complete a book or game for assignments to report time and progress. Keep in mind that report dashboards are updated nightly, so student progress will display the day after it happens.

Can students access assignments on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes. Students can access assignment links on a smartphone or tablet. The assignment will play on the device browser. 

How do I choose an assignment label?

Assignment labels are a lot like hashtags. An assignment label is simply a tag that groups activities in report dashboards. If you label assignments by due date, for example, you will see all of the activities with the same due date label together on the gradebook. By comparison, if you label your assignments by unit of study, reports will group all of the activities for each unit of study label together. 

Keep in mind that the assignment link you create can be used by any F2B student during any school year. So when you label by units of study or by skill areas, you can use that link year over year.

Does Footsteps2Brilliance save the list of assignment labels I have created? 

No. You will need to track your own list of assignment labels. 

How do students know which assignments to complete?

Students can access your assignment links however you choose. Some teachers post the links to their Google Classroom or SeeSaw accounts. Other teachers email or message parents with assignment links. Districts can post a web page or document with assignment links for all students in the district. 

What happens when students complete an assignment?

When students exit the book or game, either by completing it or by clicking the back arrow, they see this screen:

Students can either repeat the assignment or open the apps to free play. Teachers may need to train students to close the browser window and go back to Google Classroom for their next assignment link. 

What if a student is set to Spanish only?

Students must have access to the language of the assignment. For a Spanish assignment, be sure to toggle to the Spanish version of the book or game before clicking “Copy Link.” 

If students click an assignment link for a language they do not have access to, they will be prompted to notify their teacher that they need access to the language. (See how to adjust language settings here.)

Assignments in Clever Kids University

Can I assign a week or a day from Clever Kids University?

Yes. You can create an assignment link that sends students to a day or a week in Clever Kids U. As students master the activities, their completion is tracked on the assignment and in the app.

Can students access assignments to weeks in Clever Kids U that they have not unlocked?

Yes. Students can complete assignment links to days and weeks they have not unlocked in Clever Kids U. The assignment will update their completion of activities in the app, but the assignment will not unlock weeks or trains. Students must sequentially master the weeks in order to unlock the next week and or the next train.

Do students need a license to Clever Kids University to access assignment links for Clever Kids U?

Yes. Students need to be licensed to Clever Kids U in order to access assignment links to the program.